American Revolution

-American Revotions lasted a long period in past, and it made the hugh reform to the whole America. It's about economy , education and country reform.
-American Revotion was a war that went on with American and another country for terrority.
-The American Revolution was the political upheaval during the last half of the 18th century in which thirdteen colonies in North America joined together to break free from the British Empire combining to become the United State of America.

French Revolution

2 defferences:
- the France became repubilc after the revution .
- The America Revolution was fight to British,and The French Revolution was interior war.

(page195-196) Summary:

In the mid of 18th century, french was controlled by King Louis XVI, who was not cruel and indecisive. The French society was divided into three defferent classes. There were one percent of the population of Roman Catholic clergy making up the Frist Estate, which was more richer and holding the privileges at the society. The Second Estate was made by the nobility of less than two percent of pupolation. They also were the wealthy group and controling the more important position in the government and military.

2.French Revolution:

-I see: there are many soldiers stand in front of a lager palace. Some of them held the gun but die.
-It means: Maybe the deaths were side of loser of French Revolution.
-I see: A man held a French Flag and look like to be successful.
-It means: this is the side which was starting the war to revolt and gaining victory.

I Choice this picture because it shows the situations of the revolution.

3 Estates of French;

1-- clergy (church folk)-except taxes -1%
2-- nobles - collect taxes -2%
3-- everyone else - 97%

At the frist and second of Estates in French, most of theri welathy were from the third class common people.It created the distances between estates, and some people in third estate will lose balance in economy power, then the richer group may still stay at same or not too much into effectives.But the poor people will become more presure in life.

Three Estates of French




The Congress of Vienna

Summary: The Congress of Vienna was a conference of ambassadors of European states chaired by Austrian statesman Klemens Wenzel von Metternih and held in VIenna from September, 1814 to June, 1815. The purpose of Congress was plan to restore order and stability to Europe after the turmoil of the Napolenic wars, redrew the map of Europe.